Kamchatka Peninsula is one of the most beautiful regions in the Russian Far East, a land of pilgrimage for all lovers of wild, untouched nature and ecotourism. Kamchatka has a wealth of natural resources that cannot be found so intensely anywhere else in the world: geysers and hot springs, soaring peaks, extinct and active volcanoes; alpine meadows; unique plants; clean rivers; magnificent waterfalls; pearl lakes; rare fish, bird and animal species including brown bear; plenty of mushrooms and berries. The first Natural Parks of Kamchatka were established in 1996 to preserve this unique natural heritage. In the same year they were inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List under nomination "Volcanoes of Kamchatka".


Day Tours

Pacific Ocean Coast – 3 hours

Viluchinskiy pass - 6 hours

Viluchinskiy pass, trekking to waterfall

Avacha pass, trekking to Camel Mount


Kamchatka. Pacific Ocean. Viluchinskiy Volcano. Dachnie hot springs.