Trekking on Kamchatka. Nalychevo Nature Park.

Nalychevo Valley - 12 days.  Rating: difficult 

Day 1. By car to the foot of Avachinsky Volcano ( -4 hours- ), camping, sightseeing excursion. Overnight in tent.

Day 2. Ascent ( -7 hours- )of Avachinsky Volcano - 2751 m.

Day 3. Hike to the valley of the river Pravaya Sedlovinskaya over the Avachinsy Pass (1268 m) - 23 km. Camping, overnight in tent.

Day 4. Trek to the valley of the Shumnaya Rivers - 10 km. Visit to the waterfall and cold mineral spring. Camping, overnight in tent.

Day 5. Hike to the Nalychevskie thermal springs - 14 km, accommodation in cabins or tents, bathing in the springs.

Day 6. Hike to the Talovskie thermal springs - 10km.

Day 7. 20 km trek to the fumarole field of Dzenzur Volcano, (ascent of the volcano at Your request). Return to Talovskie hot springs, overnight in cabins or tents.

Day 8. Return to Nalychevskie springs - 10 km. Rest in springs. Visit to the park's Eco-educational Center.

Day 9. Radial excursion to the Kupol Mountain (3-4 hours). Excursion to the river, salmon watching.

Day 10. Rest. Bathing in the springs.

Day 11. Hike 24 km (8 hours) to Semyonovsky cordon over Pinachevsky Pass (1268 m) , accommodation in cabins or tents.

Day 12. End of the tour, hike to Pinachevo settlement - 20 km ( 7 hours). Return to the hotel by bus ( 40 minute).

The duration and complexity of the route can be changed in accordance with your wishes.